Truth towers above the Earth

High above the world and its ways

Above all the darkness and Lucifer’s defeated control,

Satan crushed beneath the heel of Holiness

Spirit Truth is Yeshua Messiah’s Life made known

The Royal Beauty of His Eternal Crown, High Priest of God’s Temple

The Splendor of His Majesty revealed to all who believe

Then receive Divine Faith by the Father’s Grace.

Star jewels burst in radiance of Love from the Throne for all

Zion’s Light in brilliance showers down from the greatest Mountain

Radiates from our King of Glory to flood Israel’s new land

Fragrance of jeweled crystal beauty beyond even Solomon’s grasp

Splendor of completed works of purity in freedom

As the heart swells with joy, bursts with Living Water

While worship rises from the lips of innocent children

Gathered to rejoice in praise joined by powerful songs of majestic angels

Love now in and through our King, for those chosen from each generation

Who reflect His Holy Spirit with each clean breath

The Light of His Presence within everyone who calls upon His Name

Who calls upon His Name in Holy Spirit Truth

Our shelter, our refuge while upon this changing earth.