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The Book above all books

Words of Divine knowledge written in silver and gold

Jeweled heavenly stars highlight so many names

As the purest hands turn these pages of the Book of Life, and others,

Secrets on scrolls of every heart recorded

Names glow with richest mercy that covers all that is done

Days of lives lived out in human form,

So many details brushed by the dust of the Earth;

Great love and kindness shown to one

Deepest peace held out to another for eternal rest

Forgiveness worked between a brother and sister

Who embrace in lasting warmth,

Even a man and a woman once broken, now  transparent and healed,

In numerous others honest humility clothes once bitter enemies;

The Greatest Forgiveness sown as a Seed

Flows in melodic harmony of unique snowflakes that cover the sleeping ground,

Then, in a new springtime numberless flowers even cover hidden fields!

Children of Light dance about in joy

More angelic songs sweet on their lips

Creation always sprinkles as rain fresh abundance for all

New Life, joy and victories all in final triumph

Faith in the Holy One the Key, the Rock foundation

The Door to Heaven thrown wide open

In the highest honor to those who truly know Him,

So very many now drawn and gathered

Countless are victorious in wide circles of Love

That surround our Father’s radiant, glorious Throne of Majesty!