To stand at last in the Presence of Majesty

The Glory of the Throne radiant with Holiness

Unspeakable beauty in living jewels and gems and more

Described with words that fall short as I bow before Him

Splendor in Love and Kindness

The fire of consuming Justice and Compassion move out before Him

A river of crystal Waters of Life soon to follow,

The only personal Refuge from this world, only Refuge in eternity

Temple shelter, Divine tent filled with powerful angel wings

Zion’s covering Glory Light our most intimate Peace and Joy!


As the storm clouds gather in darkness about us now

Do we not see?

Do we not hear?

The Voice of our Lord has spoken about judgment

In our hearts and souls clear as His Spirit in the crystal pool before Him

All Creation observed at a glance from the Throne

Fire eyes that see infinite details;

With Love and Peace, the only Shepherd

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit always near

Comfort of the Shepherd’s hand in ours,

His staff we see whether close by or at a distance

Our confidence from our youth!


“The nations but dust on His scales, less than nothing.”

We have been given understanding to know what is coming

Though our land, our country bathed in deceit and propaganda

The endless lies from those who only seek to control;

One day to be overrun, violence will force submission

As internal conflict rages, external forces destroy

And in the end, a giant earthquake that divides the land forever!

There is only One who stands strong

Who is Lord over all He has made

Who sits on His Sovereign Throne of Judgment and knows His own,

Those of us who follow

And take eternal Refuge in Him alone!