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Things of beauty, whether living or not

Both far and near

At every hand, far as the eyes can see

If you look, you will find some

Past the pain and past the sorrow,

Beyond the numbing despair

And the weight of depression,

Even past the cold hearts that would deaden,

Past the money foolish and all their deceptions.

Open to awesome wonders

And the Light in the eyes of joyful strangers

The songs they sing,

The Love they show;

Now take a deeper breath of real life

Bow on this humble earth

Discover the hidden treasures

Bow at the Majestic King’s footstool,

Through written and spoken Living Gospel Words

Look to the heavens again

And then back to where you stand

Hand in hand, never alone,

With Divine revelation of faith through belief in Him

In the finest Pearl ever to be found,

For if you look for true beauty

You will find some!



Blessed Christmas and stronger New Year