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One kiss given in love begins

Covers the heart in tenderness

Bathes and soothes the soul in Peace

Comforts the spirit with gentle assurance;

What was always meant to be

Fellowship in friendship and more

So much more in covenant love

An unbroken flow of the Crystal River of Life

From beneath the Throne of Holiness;

Even two created to be one

As a marriage of stars joined together

Heaven’s Temple tapestry

Purest golden drapery stretched over lives of delight,

Robed treasures of wonder uncovered

Revealed to eyes that can pour forth Eternal Light

The things of God just too great to simply hold,

Too wonderful to even fully imagine

Now clearly held closer to the heart

While more is becoming known

With even more to “taste and see”

The Kingdom of Glory set before us all who call upon His Name

Who call upon His Name with the kiss of Truth

The Gate, a path, a narrow road, a journey, the endless walk of His Love

Our Savior’s kiss of salvation

Sealed upon our foreheads!