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Our Sovereign Father,

His Gift to believe

Though surrounded in an atmosphere of deceit,

Truth in Messiah Yeshua always more powerful

Cleansing and gripping the heart with Divine strength,

As the mind battles for disciplined honest thoughts

While the lying winds of darkness and perversion move about,

Sometimes in a roar, sometimes in a whisper with a melody

The enemy’s war on the mind rages forth!

Holy Words always a much sharper sword

Common thoughts in daily languages often fall to the ground

Yet, Rock solid Scriptures quoted and meditated upon surge forward

From the very beginning the “Evil One” was crushed beneath the heel,

Prophetic Words written through Moses long ago fulfilled!

Authority of the Name above all now written on our foreheads

Messiah’s eternal seal of holiness more than tablets, inscribed on our hearts;

Inner knowledge of  our Shepherd Lord has already surpassed simple belief

As faith in Messiah graciously grows and matures in deepening Peace

Our Spirit Love reaches with broader, longer touches in tenderness

Caring as our Savior, rich kindness and gentleness flow out,

His Spirit Wisdom rises within, wings of brilliant Light lift very high

As we begin to see as He sees, to walk as He walked;

Pure belief in Yeshua a good seed sown has already grown more than expected,

More than even prayed for!