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A butterfly so beautiful

Shades of elegance with striking colors-

Blues and reds, yellow and black, golden orange, greens and purples

Intricate lines, streaks and spots with splashes

In bold and subtle simultaneous patterns

That glow in sunlight and darkness,

It flies with the wind or against

Soars as if floating from flower to flower,

Enhances the image of each captured in a heightened glance

A moment held close

With a sharpened memory that lingers;

Just as countless Monarchs cover a tree

Then, startled in a sudden gust and sounds

In a surprise touch each set apart

Much like the unique beauty of each woman in a crowd

Those to delight in with individual honor

To take righteous, pure pleasure in a human creature

Every person appreciated for who they are

Respected as a being formed in eternal purpose to reflect eternal beauty,

Even though the outward beauty drifts away in a heavenly wind

A steady breeze that changes the outside

While the inside hopefully glows brighter

In knowledge and prayerful wisdom

The only beauty that truly matters, that lasts

Like a fine treasure becomes even more so,

The priceless gift of Life from the King in His Royal Beauty;

Her eyes will soon behold Majesty in Splendor.

As more than any worldly or earthly blossom

Any and every flower that blooms with butterflies fluttering, dancing about

Each chosen Kingdom daughter radiantly clothed more than many lilies in a vast field

Covered by exquisite moths among breathtaking butterflies.