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Our shared, common first need in life

Even from before conception

On through our formation in “Mother’s womb”

To the unique path we each walk

Until our days in the body come to the end,

We all have the same need-

To grasp the Presence of the Lord

And learn to bow in worship before Him

The most intimate relationship prayerfully in honor of our Savior

Our Creator who loves us and watches over what He has made;

Even as He guards Israel with jealous love,

Pure and Holy love for all

Justice and love that see the end from the beginning

And the new beginning from that end.

Care encloses infinite details

A bug that moves about, unseen microorganisms and an ant working away,

The colorful petals from a forest plant hidden from sight

Leaves that drop from trees once lush,

Rivers that flow, then dry up with desert sand,

Creatures in the oceans yet to be discovered by Marine Biologists,

Birds that fly, birds that walk, birds that swim;

Mysteries still hidden in the endless stars

Most sublime mysteries of the human body designed to honor God like a temple

Blended intrigues of soul and spirit,

The majesty of heavenly voices singing praise before the Throne of Purity

Music and melodies of instruments to be discovered

And flowers of beauty that literally sing with scents of aroma.

We each are born to know the One Lord of Life

We live to embrace Him first by faith in the Son revealed

Then to submerge into the crystal baptism of the Holy Spirit,

To remain there in the splendor of our God of Life

Who freely gives us true desire, longing and eternal need

Of Him alone!