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The Light of Eternity shines brightly

While many are still fast asleep,

Worldly fatigue has gripped the hearts and souls

As the world simply tires us out;

All the coming and going

Work, play and work, work some more

Wheels of entertainment often spin in place

With little really done

Less truly accomplished;

Food and drink to survive

While fruit rots on the trees.

Many seek to understand some things,

Yet truth balances only on their own terms

Sought in their own ways,

Most often reach base desires

To feed only themselves.

The wind continues to blow about

Clouds are formed

Rain falls here and there

As many plants grow and then just wither away.

Above it all a clear call often goes out

Spirit Voice from the Highest Heaven-

“Be alert!  Be watchful!”

Yes, always be Kingdom ready

Dressed ready for service

On Holy Spirit tiptoes

Even prepared to stand alone in faith,

But never alone!

Some day that “7th and last trumpet will sound”

A day certainly coming, though it lingers

For more time means more salvation for others

The Father’s delight for more to taste and see His Kingdom

To grow and to know His Creator Son!