Fig leafs have fallen from the tree

About to be uprooted,

And we stand and watch

Hearts and minds begin to understand

We begin to know with deeper knowledge;

Our Lord reigns in Majesty

His Kingdom now truly within us

We rest in His Holy Spirit Presence

As the world rotates

And day turns into night,

A new sunrise to follow soon after!

Our trust in a “Greater Power” strengthens,

“Man in his pomp yet without understanding

Is like the beast that perishes”;

Holy Words of God written on our minds

Goodness flows as a clean stream within our hearts,

We have grown in grace

Through years of faithfulness

Lives of Divine Revelations given in love,

Our Lord is always near to us

The most beautiful King on His Throne

His Glory Light radiant throughout the Universe

And beyond!

As the worldly rebellion continues to be seen in His blazing eyes

And moves towards Satan’s “beast kingdom”

And stubborn, corrupt “beast rulers”,

We all stand in confidence

Our eternity secure

Our Peace anchored in Hope

A Rock that grew into a mountain that fills the earth.

We see what is now

We see and understand what is coming

What will quickly pass as a light morning dew in summer heat,

Evil humans like vapor in a sudden breeze;

But we will always stand in faithfulness

Like our Lord Messiah, the Faithful One

Our Shepherd always before us!