Your walk comes to a halt

And you stand and wonder

You seek to listen with your heart- but only “silence”;

Then you turn slowly away

And step to the nearby hard earth

A little away from the path

You kneel in the common dirt

Lift up hands to the  heavens

Then bow again in faith to the Throne of the Third Heaven!

Your end is your new beginning

Holy Spirit power rains down

Moves in clouds that glow

In clouds of brilliance that rumble and thunder

And the Name above every name now written across your forehead

Shines and pulses with Authority,

A vision crosses before your inner eyes

More people met, love in such power freely given

The High Priest nods and smiles with approval!

His eyes of fire see your path ahead

Kingdom work is yet to be done

Good work waits further along the “narrow road”

That Shepherd’s Path that stretches off to the newest horizon,

Yes, still more to be done

In days and years ahead;

Age and weakness of body shaken off

As fallen leaves and dust,

You rise up in renewed strength

Your footsteps become more sure

More steadfast on Rock Solid ground

Confidence remains

Love does compel,

Love does rule even over time and every place!