A splash in the water as the children play

Pleasure and delight pour out the same,

Squeals and laughter brighten our smiles

While we watch and enjoy some innocence still at work

Not misplaced or lost, worn out

Squeezed from hearts hardened

In a life dried tight as leather from an unforgiving sun!

On a hot day, water from a stream, a river or lake

From a sea or from an ocean shore

Cooling refreshment, relief sought

And a measure of satisfaction found once again.

Gladness to dip your toes into Living Water is reviving

To wade completely in is refreshing to the body, soul and spirit

But to dive or jump with abandon from a large Rock is more than a splash,

But Life itself forever experienced;

The Holy Spirit who gives us His Life

The Words spoken and written in scrolls of ancient text

The Prophets of old, all the Apostles of foundation preserved by Divine Counsel,

Baptism into Messiah Yeshua, the “Word made flesh”

Certainly the greatest splash with ripples that travel far out in joy

And pierce the dark heart of this world,

Shakes it to its core and leaves nothing to imagine!