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Humans spiritually dead

But they don’t know it,

They don’t even try to understand

Not a hint of desire for Truth

And the God of Truth,

But live out lives of fear and depression

A selfish, self-centered walk

Rebellious and stubborn

And only greed for more;

No “Peace” for the wicked as written long ago

Shown by generations who chose war

Who desired hatred over love

Confusion over order

Division over unity

Chaos over stability

Control over freedom

Lies over truth

Darkness over Light!

Pagan holidays celebrated

While zombie lips drool away.

The truly spiritual offer praise and thanksgiving to the Living God,

To the Creator of all good

Who sends sunlight on both the evil and the good,

Who sends rain for all.

The blessed who realize poverty of spirit

Soon to be righteous, and clearly know it,

Will stand strong till the end

With their Lord and Savior!