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One morning

Looking out a window

A little boy is seen riding his small two wheel bike

Great balance for one so young and small,

Then his grandfather walks trailing behind

Farther and farther;

Thoughts of my own grandchildren race about my heart and mind,

The love that binds and keeps together.

Oh how love literally never forgets

As days pass by

Love never forgets those loved

Love is always love

The essence of the meaning for being alive,

Even as a stranger becomes a friend

Who in time is never forgotten,

Those places and circumstances change

But God who is Love

Never changes

And the pure love placed within our heart

Never fades away

But only matures in wisdom

As years pass on by,

Love truly matures in wisdom’s peace;

In the true atmosphere of Heaven

Our God’s love a fragrance

Messiah the aroma,

Our very purpose for being created

Is to breathe the air of God’s love,

To love is to know Him

And to know Him is to love even more;

Sensuous beauty does not last

Who we are, why we love

What we are made for

Why we truly now live,

His Spirit indwells us with “eternal beauty”

Who is Love;

In forgiveness we all can rise above

In the forgiveness of Yeshua’s Cross

We are raised again to a new life of endless love.