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(Acoustic guitar sounds)


*An empty heart   (BEFORE)

A lonesome life

Pockets always with holes

Nowhere to go

No place to be

Alone without You, Lord

By myself, poor as can be!


A.And then You showed me Life

Peace flowed within my soul

What I never knew

All the things I’ve been through

And You gave me Life

Your Peace is through and through.


B.Now each new day I walk

But I am not alone

Whether by myself

Or in a loving Church

Others close or far

It matters not at all.


C.People can come an go

So much goodness to show

Beauty glows about

Others do care for me

Yet, above it all

Your Light shines, Your Light shines!


*There was nothing   (AFTER)

An endless sea

There was simply nothing

In life for me

Then You spoke up

I could see, I could hear,

New birth of my spirit!


Repeat “BEFORE” and “AFTER” to end the melodic song of thanksgiving.