“To walk as He walked.”

Side by side

Sunrise to sunset and back again

Zealous for the goal

Faithful One in His goal, His Father’s goal

Salvation of our souls

Now the true goal of our lives of faith,

To stand in holiness before the Throne

Heavenly beauty beyond mere breath of words

But becomes bursts of joy from within the hearts and souls

In songs, in smiles of brilliance

Thankfulness overflows in gladness

For all that was done

Through Messiah’s finished work,

For all that will come

Through Yeshua Majestic High Priest of all Kingdom work;

The past and the future fold wonderfully into the present moment

Each moment blends into another and another, without end

Time no longer a measure

Night forever fled away,

Ministry in goodness flows out in the River from the only Throne

Thanksgiving a rich atmosphere of Divine Presence

A fragrance that moves freely all about us

Aroma of Messiah’s warmth of love

Experienced as a new sunlight,

His kindness like the gentle ocean breezes with soothing comfort of His Peace,

Endless measures of “more” in abundance given to “remnant Jacob”

And to all of His own, children of His Kingdom

In the Father’s new heaven and earth,

New Jerusalem His most prized jewel!