“To walk as He walked”.

Hand in hand

In humility and compassion

To walk the earth with gentleness

Kindness shown at all costs

The price of loving His own

Those cared for from the beginning

Even before Abraham

Before Enoch,

Those dearly loved and cared for;

Now His Words fulfilled

Spoken by true Prophets

Read by temple scribes

And generations of teachers

New songs of praise in psalms

Truth lifted high in worship

Celebrations from Moses and Aaron

From Miriam of old to young teen Miriam of Bethlehem joy

Angels in worship and praise;

Worship of God in Spirit and Truth

The Holy Command from the Father

To know Him through His Son in righteousness

To bask in the Light of His Throne of Majesty,

The Light of Eternity radiated by Yeshua Messiah

Gentle Shepherd, tender caring Shepherd

Who laid down His Life for all the lost sheep.