“To walk as He walked”,

Heart in heart

Holy Spirit anointed and filled

Holy Spirit led in detail

A renewed mind in step with Divine Counsel;

Baptism with the power of God’s favor

Strength of commitment anchored

Zeal of faithfulness as a fire

All honor and glory given to the Father.

Gospel Words read, Living Words fed upon

Visions of purpose given

In quiet meditations of prayer

Or in busy days in motion, then lived out as led, in step;

The world and those of the world

In constant conflict

At odds at all times

Whether family, friends or strangers,

Those who belong to darkness

Unable to see the true Light

To grasp eternal purpose

Divine meaning in words or actions.

A fearless heart rules

Overflowing love as patience grows in wisdom from beyond compels,

Heaven’s rich taste always a pleasure

As the mouth speaks Truth

And lasting Peace surges forth,

Love lifts up another one

Brings them closer to life that is Eternal Life;

This minister of grace

This Kingdom priest of Truth

Always walks in honesty and purity

In humility before the Throne

And the Holy One who sits upon it!