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A faithful prayer that does not let go

But hangs on purely

Strength to endure given

To hold tightly about the waist,

As arms about one loved

In the Holy Spirit, from the heart,

Both near and far away;

A common trickle of needs

Can grow quickly into a stream that floods,

Our troubled and deceitful world

Traps, snares and pitfalls

Physical weakness and financial struggles

So many ways to stumble,

To trip and fall down!

But our Lord watches constantly and sees all,

Picks us up and steadies

Lifts up and brushes off

Cleanses anew as we continue to move forward

Eyes that are now fixed on Him in Truth

And do not look to all the sides and distractions

Or turn to the right or to the left,

An honest gaze firmly set in steadfast love

To live in peace as much as sincerely possible

Peace that rules from within our spirits

The Peace of Messiah who powerfully rules

From the only Eternal Throne of Glory.