My love only grows

Closer to my Savior

Nearer to my God,

Faithful through the Cross

Obedient to the gentle Spirit of our Shepherd

High Priest upon His Throne

Humility shown in greatest love for us!

As we each walk our unique path

A path of Truth

A robe of confidence covers our nakedness before the world,

Lord, Your gracious hand of favor upon us

Fearless with courage

Steadfast in love more and more

Perseverance and endurance,

Many sisters loved and brothers met who share this Narrow Road

Who also choose first a life of love in Truth

Peace that radiates out from within

Proof always of His constant Presence

Confirmed by love that compels;

In this life, in this day of troubles

I’ve chosen love first

And to walk as Messiah walked

On the roads and paths, city streets in Israel

So very long ago.