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Honest words rarely spoken today

Seldom sincerely shared,

As the hiss of a viper upon lips is heard

Bitterness chokes the throat

Painful honesty without courage

Without integrity

Without Godly character

Absent a Godly Presence,

Like chewing gravel

Before spitting out more lies.

Government leaders serve themselves

Corporate leaders the same

Only lust and greed for more

Idolatry the parade about cities,

The banking centers, even Old London,

And others in our America!

Many religious leaders most often worse than mere hypocrites;

Goodness talked about

While Divine character forever lost,

Salvation and Glory no longer rests on God alone.

What waits in our future?

Pray, then open the Book and read-

Among other true Prophets, John faithfully recorded what he saw and heard

The “Book of Revelation” clearly shows the near future

Of the West and the East,

Of the North and the South, the Islands of the seas

Of Russia and China

Of Europe and of Mystery Babylon America;

And of Israel.

But who will take it to heart

Bother to look and listen;

How many have “ears to hear”

And eyes willing to see,

Even more, hearts willing to believe?