To give with nothing held back

All that we have

All that we are

The true value measured only by the heart,

Depths of love reach out

Cleanest, freshest waters from the deep cool well,

Even when all strength is thought gone

Pure spring water rushes up into a fountain;

Personal needs weigh so little on a scale.

To give with a loss in the eyes of the world

Is to receive greatly with Kingdom riches

Jewels that sparkle with eternity

Treasures unknown to most

Yet fully embraced by those few who carry their Cross!

Daily we experience redemption

Death to self and eternal new life in Messiah;

A heart reborn is free to be very generous

Holy Spirit enabled,

The favor of our Heavenly Father rests upon us

Authority of Yeshua’s Name carried as most precious.

To give as He gave

To love as He loved

To know Him and His greatness

As we walk the golden streets of New Jerusalem one day,

Riches unimaginable in Heaven’s treasures soon to be revealed

By One who loves to give

What the world never can!