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Be merciful to others, and merciful to yourself;

Forgiveness flows from the Creator’s Throne,

The God who forgives us and forgets the many sins,

In the face of true repentance

And tears of painful honesty that run down from the mind and heart;

Kindness and a smile of knowledge from Heaven

Awakens your self-worth, strengthens individual purpose and unique meaning

Now found complete in the only Savior

Grace moves from forgiveness to forgiveness

While the Majestic One sees the end of your life

From the very beginning.

The God of Compassion knows and understands all

Even our Messiah faced every possible temptation as a man

And always triumphed;

Whether a small child with tears trickling down

Or an elderly man in his last feeble days

Forgiveness pours forth from our Savior’s heart

As His hands of goodness reach out to touch with love,

Forgiveness the ready Gift of God for all His children seen in Messiah’s Cross,

Experienced in your new life just begun as a true believer

A true receiver of Grace from above,

You are now  blessed as a merciful person

Justice and freedom satisfied in your forgiveness shown

For yourself and others shines very bright!