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Desire for my wife, my woman

Her wise beauty strong within and without, body soul and spirit

Unmatched gentle, quiet and sensitive soul, no equal in the world,

No equal in all the nations, all the tribes on Earth;

My true desire revealed, intimately made known

To me, a longing fulfilled as chosen by our God

For me, for both of us!

As Solomon expressed in a written proverb what often eluded him-

“Desire realized sweet to the soul”, “and healing to the bones.”

Love nearly complete in our marriage covenant

In a taste, a small preview of Messiah’s love soon to be fully known

The Shepherd’s Peace enthroned,

Glowing Spirit revelation of eternal beauty experienced,

Empowerment by His Holy Spirit to receive from Heaven

Satisfaction of eternal love within hearts

Embraced in worship and returned in sacrificial thanksgiving;

Kisses of Truth on the lips, now one from two joined together

But a reflection of the Body of Christ’s oneness in Spirit, joined forever as one,

His Church of endless fellowship of Truth in Beauty,

Of Love lived out one day at a time with eternity before us,

Eternity, the new endless ocean delightfully about us all,

Eternity to praise, and to love with honor all those we love

Flowing as the purest crystal river from Yeshua’s Throne into the ocean of existence

And then back again.