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Waiting and watching at the crossroads

Old paths of peace to take at hand

Chosen long ago by others

As founded, as carved out of Rock,

The most solid foundation for life;

The path of heavenly trust

That leads to continual Sabbath rest,

Made known by the “Ancient of Days”

Who sits on the Throne of Eternity,

Royalty crowned in Heaven,

Crowned in Jerusalem as well!

High Priest of His Kingdom of Peace

The Faithful One revealed to all mankind,

Truth shown in Creation from the very beginning,

A Glorious Redeemer to every generation!

Many do awaken as from a deep sleep

Human spirits once dead, but now fully alive;

No one really understood,

No one turned on their own to seek Him in His Way;

But the Love of the Father

In touches of mercy

Has drawn each of us to understand and to know,

To choose to worship His Holy Son

Before whom we delight to bow in thanksgiving!