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Spoken in strength from the heart

In sensitive, honest words

Tender care is expressed in most simple ways

Gentle touches clearly shared,

Truth always spoken in love!

The Savior of mankind has walked the Earth,

His Earth created long ago;

Salvation as a man,

The God of Compassion has reached out to His own

In sacrificial love

His life given to death

That death would be taken from all of our lives!

Kindness shown in humility

As healing power freely pours out

Deliverance from darkness,

Evil commanded by His authority as gnats swatted,

The earth’s invisible realm quakes in fear

Trembles and runs off!

All the little children welcomed with smiles

With arms of warmth opened wide;

The poor and needy flock to Him

And more love is poured out!

Yesterday has become today

Today just as yesterday with love

The Shepherd of Love is always the same

All who turn to listen,

Who hear His Words within their hearts

And begin to know His Spirit touch

Who gladly bow to believe and receive

Will fall into those same arms of warmth and love,

True Love will cover all needs

A life of peace and love is the new path that awaits

For each one of us now, this day is a new Way

Heaven’s Gift to walk as He walked!