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What the new heart freely shares,

True love for another person

Flows from the pure stream of our God,

The Holy Spirit fountain rises up from within

Whether for a needy or special brother or a sister

It flows out the same;

At times in a subway rush hour

Or a crowded sidewalk

The heart suddenly stirs and reaches out

A stranger seen, maybe even heard,

One unknown, yet the Spirit urges

And often a sudden prayer is spoken in compassion, in kindness

Whether young or old, male or female

Caring love moves within to touch one or more, at times literally!

Alert and watchful

The work of our Peaceful Shepherd within us, through us

The Counsel of His Spirit

Wisdom reveals a greater plan

To gather more together always;

To enlarge my unique personal path,

And to enlarge my refined heart in His Kingdom Family of abundance

The Fellowship of Love that can only grow in quality and numbers

And become more satisfying and pleasing to Him.