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The winds blow softly, gently from above

On all the wings of Trust,

The Lord who sustains us and protects

“Encloses behind and in front”,

The Faithful One who died for us

The One we live and die for;

He who takes care of His own

In circumstances, places and times

In different relationships

Whether covenant marriages

Or family love and friendships.

The world dances along with storms

Relishes the confusion

Takes pleasure in war chaos for selfish gain,

It scams all the currencies

Funds the greed and excesses of the corrupt few

Who seek to seize control,

New wars always their delight!

We who believe and receive know the Breath of God

As new born spirits soar in Godly confidence;

Clean air that we now breathe and make sounds with

Even as tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and such

Are all quieted in His Tent that covers us

And the Royal Robes given us forever to wear!