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The most intricate balance of FAMILY

In caring hearts more than the rarest multi-faceted gemstones

Each one connected to the others in Love’s vital scales

The others all connected to the one just the same

Joined peacefully together in strength

Dependent upon one another

Bonded for well-being of the body, soul and spirit!

The greatest example shown being the Body of Messiah,

All true believers in the Church Body,

Covenant responsibility and covenant fellowship

Compelled by Spirit love and faithfulness,

Oneness elevated to such new and majestic heights

Even as often found in ancient written scrolls.

The inner Light of one person reflects to another, and to another

Goodness shared and magnified

Messiah’s triumphant Eternal Life celebrated in worship,

Encouragement flows freely from one to another

Even as warm hands are held in a new song to the Lord

And in sincere prayers lifted high;

When one falls, another reaches out and helps up,

True covenant commitment and attitudes.

Parents and children the most intricate, excellent balance

Each one vital to all the others

Whether simply spoken or clearly shown,

Each one prized in greater value of person and needs!

Tears of a new birth flow out in joy;

Tears of loss shed in anguish and deep sorrow

As a small bird flies far away from its nest

Yet, finds only new and endless care and comfort!