Honesty touches the heart in tenderness and with kindness

Reveals a deeper peace at rest,

As love compels this one to diligently watch

To be alert and wisely discerning,

A man of compassion sees true needs

And senses within a Spirit guiding hand-

How to protect, when to encourage, in ways a healing touch

Maybe even to give a little material help,

Disciplined love exercised to keep another from a deadly snare;

Whether to help set a person free

Or to keep them moving forward along the “narrow road”

And keep them far away from a trap or even the pit.

Divine Wisdom rules this heart

While prayerful words cover gently, powerfully

Prayers and Words of Truth carefully spoken;

Sacrificial thanks later given to the Sovereign One

The Father who favors all His sons in covenant love

And blesses all His daughters in covenant commitment,

All children of God gathered beneath His “wings”!