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Times like this when a hot day seems to drag along,

The body only wants to nap

Things to do sit dormant on a shelf

Even old projects  want to be revived

Refined and renewed- Holy Spirit stirred.

The needs seen flow out far into growing fields

Wheat and other grains heavy on the stems;

The numbers multiply daily

As the enemy and his large host descend upon this nation

Steadily making America his home!

Spirit reminded- powerful archangel Michael has challenge the heavenly realm

Darkness above the earth shaken and pulled out by the roots,

Lucifer thrown down to our common ground;

The highest heavens rejoice

But the Earth and Israel will bear the heavy weight,

Choke on the thick fog and clouds that gather;

“Mystery Babylon the Great” will shudder and wrestle with powers,

Soon to be eclipsed, neutralized!

Ants scurry intensely at work

Tireless creatures as a sign

As an example for us, for me,

There is much Kingdom work to do- Spirit led,

The remnant harvest will not wait;

Even me, an old warrior, prayerfully sharpens my sword,

I constantly wear my “Armor of Light”

Ready to charge forward

Or to surgically touch another soul!