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More than common sense or imagination

As “born again” from above

Humans spiritually enlightened

Armor of Light now covering multitudes of men and women,

Our destiny is seated timelessly with Messiah on His Throne!

To forever grasp that triumphant cleansing rest

To enter fully into such a purifying victory

Has an honest and fair price-

True Life in exchange for the usual earthly-worldly existence;

Basic human nature shown in natural growth and maturity

A long journey of “self”that can only fall flat to the ground,

Ends in darkness, eternity in unspeakable torment

Death swallows all vain human effort in one sudden gulp.

The sacrificial Cross of our Redeemer ignored and despised by many generations

Yet, fully honored by the “chosen few”;

Those who reject the cup and toss Bread from God onto the ground

Run out of choices;

Those who embrace the Lord’s Cross and “die to self”, awaken

Enter majestic revelations, knowledge of the only eternal reality!

Peace and Love and Glory,

The future as spoken and written by Prophets of Old

Even spoken clearly by Messiah Yeshua Himself in Living Words,

Carried freely by the Holy Spirit into a new heart

A renewed healing breath for the mind and soul

Righteous pleasures of faithfulness,

As a humble body, spirit and soul before the Father;

The future holds no conflicting surprises of fearful anxiety to those who trust Him,

Who have already seen a glimpse of the end from the beginning

No sunset will darken

No sunrise will bring terror

For all those who hold closest the confidence of God

As fully theirs even in perpetual youthfulness.