Mysteries of the Spirit Kingdom

Revealed, made clearly known

Shown in an unending journey of Peace,

Messiah’s Life freely shared

Given joyfully to any descendant of Adam and Eve,

All true children of Abraham, the father of our faith;

Now anointed servants walk the Shepherd’s delightful path

The Way of Truth in Life,

Spiritual rebirth only the beginning steps!

The personal awakening from common death into the Holy Spirit enlightenment,

The impossible “bridge” made possible by Yeshua’s Cross;

To begin to know Him is to begin to know Life itself

To drink the cup, to experience the Cross, separated and sanctified

Eternal Life through the Eternal One;

The lasting joy of suddenly crossing over radiates inner Light

Though once asleep, now awake and growing in Divine knowledge

Once snared in a deadly slumber, controlled by Satan’s darkness

Then, delivered by greater redemptive power!

Love truly covers all transgressions

Love conquered death itself, the rotten fruit of hatred and selfishness,

In Messiah’s triumphant Resurrection

Celebrating forever God’s new creation in humanity

One day to be followed literally by a “New heaven and a new earth”!