*(With encouragement from a strong and clear voice for the Lord, Pastor Mike Thompson)


Another day to live with Divine favor

To quietly walk in Messiah’s absolute authority

And to work fearlessly with Holy Spirit power;

Revelation falls upon us from above

As we know “we each stand on Holy Ground”

And bow with reverence before the Holy Presence.

Our prayers answered swiftly

Angelic involvement and ready help,

Our circumstances never at random

As the Shepherd leads and we follow!

The warm sun may shine brightly

Or the clouds gather and darken the sky

Thundering and lightning flashes to threaten the earth,

But Holy Spirit Light indwells us

The Peace of the Lord at rest in our spirits and souls,

His powerful Presence whether felt or not

Daily moves hearts along in trusted confidence;

I know I am never alone

Footsteps along my faithful path guarded,

Nothing left for chance

Purpose and meaning in life already revealed

Already fulfilled in Yeshua’s finished work

As I walk and live in the Sovereign Strength of My Lord!