Crumbs picked up

Often fall from the table onto the floor

From the mouths of children;

Little things, small acts with only a few words

In the lives of men and women

As humility bows to pick them up

To cleanse and purify,

For even animals search to eat and lick,

To satisfy a basic moment of need.

Often words spoken or even written

Seem to fall to the ground

As the reader, the listener simply shrugs a shoulder and moves on;

But these crumbs can become seeds that sprout

Plants that eventually grow

Turning a crumb into a sparkling jewel,

Good things freely shared often trail after the heart

Cling to the mind

Soon to stir thoughts

And turn into spiritual hunger of the soul;

Then, another precious one begins to seek

To reach out for truth in meaning and purpose,

The thirst of honest needs finally begins to be quenched

The hunger for real life starts to be satisfied!