Broken hearts and crushed spirits,

Those forced into new lows during life’s long journey;

Daily troubles expected along the way

But things that stop you cold

Nearly dead in your tracks

Simply beyond human understanding;

Inner questions throb with pain

Answers only pierce the heart again and again,

Like an invisible sword thrusts out suddenly

And the delicate breath is gone,

Life thought lost, hangs in the fragile balance

And who can begin to see the true scale before us?

Often the unknown Lord of Mercy will quietly rise up

Stand in kindness hopefully begun to be revealed

Though tear and emotions somehow resist

And bitterness can hold back,

Even while winds rage along in a storm

And waves crash against the shore;

Personal needs will overwhelm

And only God can help us,

Cries and prayers and tears are seen and heard

And only the Resurrected God of the impossible

Can ever do anything real that lasts forever!