The singing birds awaken the dawn

As sunlight breaks through

Goodness of another day so openly, simply revealed to all,

Just as You hold my spirit in Your hands, my God

Lord of Truth, sunshine breaks through the darkness streaking with colors

Fills the earth with joy

Nurtures all the trees and plants

Rain falls on the grass for those creatures that feed upon it

And flowers for kisses of beauty

Fruit for all those You love in Words and deeds;

Your kindness flows in the countless streams of water

Your compassion in many lakes that dot the earth

Your sovereign Peace in the oceans that cover the horizons,

Spirit beauty and Truth clothe all those You love and who love You,

Forever we will stand in Your Presence

Our Faithful God of Holiness

Of Power and Authority;

We hold hands with one another and lift our voices, Your eternal family

In worship, in another song of praise like David

To awaken this new day of faith in Yeshua

In celebration of our Messiah!