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Always a melody of truth in my heart

His Peace that flows often as a song through my soul

Wonderful pleasing words and sounds

Even as I sleep and then wake up with a song trailing;

As I look upon others each day

I can only love

Though wisdom clearly sees and discerns

Mercy truly triumphs over judgement,

Steadfast love surely covers all!

Each person with one life to live out

Holy Spirit Truth held in the balance of faith given

Freedom rests in an honest hand held out,

Eternal choices of good over evil;

The Spirit of the Lord in constant celebration

Yeshua’s Spirit of everlasting freedom,

Empowers and makes able

As the Father draws us closer to His Son

And the Son to His Father, our Father.

The Ruler of all nations, Ruler of all Creation

Israel’s King and much, much more-

Our Savior who separated each one of us from death

And clothes us in purest white garments of life;

In the morning when I awake with a song of morning goodness within

Thoughts quicken to this day’s delight to walk in the Spirit,

Hand in hand with my Shepherd Lord

Throughout the day other songs of praise easily continue

With prayers and the Word of God meditated on,

Those creative songs by brothers and sisters of anointed talents

Plus a few given only to me!