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Like a thin cloud settles down upon you

Or a loose garment of clothing that unravels from your body

And suddenly the mind and will weaken

Distracted, even scattered about;

Anxiety, fear and anger, raw competition

The fruit of this world-

When to pick it

How and where

By your self or with help

Ripened on the vine or branch, or off;

Lots of people come and go

Many different things written or spoken

All directions pointed to

Thoughts only become more twisted

So many words just fall to the ground,

Very little remembered!

Eyes close at last

Tired hands cover the ears

The head turns upwards in surrender,

All seems lost, nothing found;

Then, a tiny “sparkle” appears

Nearly as a star

Far beyond the moon,

And the small light begins to grow

The hearts awakens a little

And seeks to draw closer

As this new light becomes brighter, much brighter

Something calms the soul within

Quiets the mind, clears the thoughts

And this Light only grows into a new path seen

Leads to a “narrow road” discovered

Comes at last to a Gate of Humility;

Another one gladly bows

And enters fully within the Shepherd’s arms.