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An Autumn leaf may fall to the ground

But the tree still stands near;

From a distance in time

Yet close with memories that linger near

Deeply rooted in the heart

Distinct pleasant thoughts, precise good thoughts

Things that happened in finest details

People who moved in and through your life,

Touches of God often later realized;

What lasts continues in the rhythm of peaceful sea waves

As you stand on the shoreline gazing beyond the horizon

Looking into the future

Unknown but embraced in confidence

Constant assurance past and present at rest deep within your spirit!

Memories highly valued

Holy Spirit experiences treasured,

Those you truly love remain always closer

In the Kingdom, in the Body of Messiah, in Marriage Covenant,

A Rock solid foundation forever secure;

The Light of Words spoken and written through the Ancient of Days

Never fades away

But always shines brightly upon and within your life

Much as His work in and through you

Is revealed in times and places

To you and to others both here and far away!