Sweat drips down

Trickles and runs as the scorching sun withers plants away

And seems to bake the body skin;

Work in the fields more difficult than ever, watering and planting seeds,

Few pay attention to the healing Words shared freely

Even less to the spoken prayers of forgiveness

Lifted high above the heavens;

Sadly tears blend in at times

As zeal becomes weariness

While spiritual fervor slowly wastes away!

“Oh Lord, revive us,

Bring us from strength to strength

As your love compels us onward

And faith endures throughout each new day!”

Men and women continue to move about, children of need at their sides,

Compassion rises up as time is so short;

Life is not always what it seems,

Greatness from above still remains Majestic

Mercy in Spirit revelation unchanged,

The kindness of Grace a much broader shade for refuge and comfort

Arms with true love will continue to reach out to save others

Even till the very end of mankind’s weakness and rebellion.