A small child trembles at surprise changes

Unexpected things that startle,

Even lovers tremble at the surrender to sudden joyfulness exposed

Captivated without thoughts of what may follow;

Mountains shake at most wonderful Words from higher up,

The entire Earth trembles as judgments from the Creator’s Throne approach!

Only what is true and what does last

Is in a line clearly drawn-

What is crooked will be made straight,

What is rough will be made smooth,

All mountains and hills brought low;

As the Prophet Isaiah proclaimed-

In the Holy Presence

Only what is Holy will stand!

The Shepherd carries His lambs with gentleness

While the faithful sheep follow nearby,

Wolves lie down as puppies in the tall grass

Lions wander in the midst of cattle and feed the same;

The earth will be made new

The heaven above as well,

As spoken, as written long ago!

Change for the good

Change for the better, cleansed from all trembling confusion and fears

The ultimate, delightful best for God’s chosen few.