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When Heaven’s true Light shines on a body, soul and spirit

Invisible wings lift the heart high above the world

It soars in places thought unreal, unimaginable,

An inner Peace at first as a consuming mystery, covers the soul

Then the human nakedness is slowly covered by whitest white clothing

A garment truly made by Divine Hands

Eyes search about until fields of flowers can finally be seen at a distance

In beautiful splendor, colors and shapes most artfully exquisite

Gentle breezes carry new scents that blend more than any perfumes,

The fragrance of Life somehow taken hold of

With little understanding and knowledge

Humility and tears of joy stream down

Until the spirit begins to sense a Greater Presence

What was unknown, without any desire to taste and even begin to see;

But now the entire being yearns and bursts with longing to grasp just a little

To hold closer what is truly experienced

Reality hidden apart from time as much more than earthly or worldly treasures

The essence of Life rises into a radiant Golden Temple without words to express

Until Holiness is seen in the One spoken of by many as in a myth, an old story

Brushed off as a distraction that only weakens a man, keeps busy a woman

A Name often hollered out, shamefully used in anger;

Yet the Voice of Messiah Yeshua is heard with kindness, gentleness-

“Go now and leave your life of sin.

I belong to you; you belong to me.”