All in a soothing moment

Early eyes gaze upon the upper branches of a large green tree

That glow with morning sunlight,

Then look beyond at the rich blue sky of another good day displayed;

Life awakens in a refreshing moment

As a smile from the Creator given,

Such goodness does indeed reveal prized moments!

A Greater Presence

A more powerful meaning overshadows all-

Awareness of God our Lord and Maker;

Beauty reflected within radiates about as love and peace

Kindness in love strengthened in our Messiah’s true Peace

Our Shepherd shares graciously with any and all

The deepest sense of reality held close to the heart

Essence of life as Divine Aroma

Most fragrant reason for being alive here and now!

Hope trails off into revelation knowledge that grows

Until we see His face

And look into the pure joyful eyes,

Our God of Love with all authority, all control

Who in a moment on earth can forever show his love for us

That remains forever and ever,

Greatness in humility, purity in what is simple.