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When the only Path of Life becomes so difficult

Or even tedious with dry methodical days stretched out in a desert,

The Way of Light is grasped more tightly

Truth is deeply thought of with all strengthened meditations

In a secret place prepared for us by the Lord Himself,

Our only refuge, the Ruler of Creation who cares for us all

Who watches faithfully over the Word written on our hearts,

The Greatest Shepherd!

We are not alone

Even  eyes beneath most powerful cherub wings continually see us

Our days never hidden away from the Throne;

The Temple Glory watches

A touch of Heaven always close at hand,

Also, Angels quietly move in and out of our lives and circumstances

A golden touch here, a silver touch there

Faithful and true

Guarding, protecting and stimulating in eternally healthy ways!

Faith in Messiah has opened the gracious door to Heaven’s knowledge

Holy Spirit Wisdom flows and continues to reveal a true and Godly life

As we are being daily transformed

From “strength to strength” to become like Him

“Glory to Glory” as written;

For in this world we continue much like our Lord-

Little by little to gradually “walk as He walked”!