One sheep still lost and alone

Walks around in darkness, blinded by false light

Self-absorbed, self-consumed

In the worst addiction of all mankind

Enslavement of humanity chained about by “self”!

In the impossible dilemma, True Life made possible

By Messiah’s Cross of deliverance for all;

Any and all who seek, ask and knock will find

Who will the spirit and soul to believe

And grasp the faith offered-

A Divine Gift from the Father, tasted and seen through His Son!

Much fruit hangs limp on the vines

Harvest beyond any hope, far from any sense of knowledge

Understanding far from the edges of imagination

Minds twisted and turned, thoughts destined only to spiral down

Truth but a mystery vacant from any honest desire,

But God alone is willing, more than able;

He reaches out in kindness, mercifully takes hold of a heart and life

He enlightens the mind, awakens the human spirit from death sleep

Holy Spirit revelation peacefully moves within

The old is gone in the new destiny of so many

Those near and far to us who now wait for Harvest Time!