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To  love more purely

Live more freely and draw closer to You Lord;

Sometimes the weight of troubles and things is too much,

Then, sometimes a day is drawn thin with too little of what is real and true;

The many people and circumstances

The world and its ways,

One day drawn out as driest leather

While another simply overwhelms!

A man or woman who walks the humble Shepherd’s walk understands

Bows the soul in stillness

Quietly lifts a living Word from the inner spirit

Spirit Truth written on the heart

In prayers, in meditations and in disciplined feeding on the “daily bread”

Treasures now stored within,

What our Messiah said and did, His first disciples as well,

Now encouragement can rise up in faithful Scriptures!

Yes, another day towers before us and melts into eternity;

The human spirit is counseled, stirred by the Holy Spirit

The Promise of God who indwells us, rich and powerful

Peace and Wisdom that surge from the Holy Throne.

The mouth prays again in new Spirit languages of beauty

Words of honor and praise blend with our human needs

Sounds of words that flow in Heavenly Peace sheltering and comforting,

Living Water in delight of our own personal, intimate Pentecost.