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All Words to be completely fulfilled

In Truth that burns with Holy Fire

Spoken from the Throne of Destiny

Written through the Temple of Foreknowledge

Given to mankind as a testimony of all reality,

All Creation in step with Divine Authority;

Not a bird or butterfly, a worm or a man missing

In a place, in a time, in meaning for a precise purpose!

The Word of God spoken through the “Word made flesh”,

Heaven and Hell on the final Kingdom balance weighed,

All humanity holds the prized choice of human will

To embrace the Spirit of Truth

Or to remain in the snare of the “prince of darkness”;

All who walk the earth and draw air to breathe

Will one way or another learn and know the difference,

To choose life or death, to choose freedom or destruction from “self”.

For the Lord who gives life has spoken-

“It is finished!” from His Cross; “It is done!” from His Throne;

All work completed by our Redeemer,

What counts, what matters now and forever

In a heart and soul open fully to the ancient scrolls of Scripture

Salvation expressed through the Jews and Israel’s history,

The eternal goodness of Truth

In the Grace of God’s mercy upon mankind, His Creation, His work.