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Questions can easily turn into doubt

Doubt without trust can cloud and confuse

Water down and quickly dilute true trust

Weaken a faithful spiritual life

Until discouragement forces itself in and too near;

But a sudden Breath of Holy Spirit Truth

Words spoken and Words written

Refreshes and revives

Renews inner strength with visions of God’s Splendor

Satisfaction of Majesty soon to be embraced

Soon to bow at the Holy Feet of the Master,

Creator of all that is good!

An active mind and heart are alert and watchful

Obedient to the clear command given by Messiah,

To always be ready and watchful

A clean vessel made pure

Useful to pour into His Kingdom

Valuable as a warrior, a minister of the High Priest

Who has become our “confidence from our youth”!

Those who seek answers in truth will find them

Those who ask in honesty will treasure the response given

Those who boldly, fearlessly knock in faithfulness

Enlightened wisdom will glow from their spirit and soul,

Eyes that see clearly.