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Honor with each breath of your human spirit given,

Powerful love that rises up from within

Bares your soul to the winds of the world,

Yet, such fearless love endures

Reaches out freely

Touches another in crystal honesty

Then another as a pillar of sincerity;

Greatest honor to our God lived out daily

Through the body temple,

Though many “look upon the outward form”

A true disciple looks first upon the heart.

Momentary physical beauty,

The beauty of youthful lines and curves suddenly gone;

But the true beauty at rest within you

Triumphs and continually grows

Deeper, stronger and more pure

As honor is given faithfully

To the Maker of all

He whose “eyes beheld our unformed substance”

Within the wombs of blessing,

A woman’s treasured gift to give;

Growth of a fertilized and ripened seed

Genetic miracles in biochemical wonders

Blended artfully together by heavenly touches!

The body is always meant as a true vessel of God’s honor

First to carry the Spirit of God’s Love

And then to worship in praise, prayers and songs from mouths to the Holy One,

Our Creator honored in life and breath

Above all things

Beyond the mere simple grasp of orderly time

And the limits of material Earth.